St. Lawrence—Lewis Boces

We are experiencing problems with the email server please try again soon. New Email Server Login Directions

for Web Access

Our new Email server has several new features, one of which is enhanced security. This will change the way you login to web mail. There will be 2 extra steps.

STEP 1) When you click on the link to login you will see the message below simply click the link that says “Continue to this website” (even though it says ‘not recommended’).






































STEP 2) Then you will see the logon screen below. You will need to enter Canton\

in-front of your username for example canton\lremington  and then your password in the password box.


If you use an internet browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer (such as Mozilla’s Firefox you will need to check the box for the outlook web access light version).


If you have further questions please check with your local technician.

















Please Click here to login to the new SLL Boces Email Web services.